Directions for use

Paralysed men


If your lesion is above the T6-spinal cord level you must follow your physician's instructions carefully to prevent autonomic dysreflexia.

It is recommended that at least two vibration procedures are performed in the clinical setting before using FERTI CARE®personal at home.

The following initial setting is recommended:

Frequency: 100 Hz

Amplitude: 2.5 mm

Place yourself comfortably, whether sitting or lying down, before turning on FERTI CARE®personal.

Place the applicator at the frenulum of your penis as illustrated below and apply a gentle but firm pressure.

Vibrate for a maximum of 3 minutes, however, if ejaculation occurs vibration should be stopped.

If ejaculation has not occurred during the first 3 minutes, vibration should be followed by a pause of 1 minute.

This procedure may be repeated up to 6 times provided no episode of autonomic dysreflexia occurs and depending on the condition of the penile skin surface.

To obtain the recommended pressure when vibrating at a frequency of 100 Hz and an amplitude of 2.5 mm, apply pressure until the red overload light appears. Then release the pressure only until the red light turns off.

If you continue to apply more pressure than recommended to obtain the desired result, the overload light will remain on.

If continued and/or increased pressure is applied, causing the overload light to remain on, the vibration output will decrease to less than the chosen setting.

Do not perform penile vibratory stimulation more than once every 24 hours. In some cases, it is recommended to perform vibration once a week only in order to avoid "exhaustion" of the ejaculatory reflex. Determine together with your physician how often vibration should be performed.

If you have difficulties ejaculating at the recommended settings, you may try another setting.

If the purpose of inducing ejaculation is to help your partner become pregnant, the ejaculate should be collected in a non-spermicidal container (container designed for sperm collection).